Creatively engage your brand and promote it using international artists, talents and other resources that we can provide


Different themes and different entertainment solutions can be provided and these can be designed around specific themes and choreographed to match the specific event at hand.

Fashion Shows

Be it a children fashion or an international fashion designer, our efforts are to put in limelight and make the brand the star. International models to casual shoppers can star in the customized shows we do. The décor, design and drama – all are take care of.

Brand Launches

Using fireworks or screens that split, using robotic wagons, turntables or hydraulic lifter – or a simple red ribbon with gold scissors – we can take care of it for you: bringing in state of art technology or keeping it simple, we will give you a solution

Store Events

Pre sales of an item, décor, a sale, a celebration or a festival – we can streamline and personalize it catering to your needs


Flowers and red ribbons work, so do haze machines and 360 degree projection – we have it all – talk to us to help you streamline the ceremony to make it a memory for all invited.