Design agency, event agency, exhibition agency - call us what you may - we offer turnkey solutions for your experiential marketing needs… FLC Events have been offering solutions to the corporate world for the last 10 years..

State of the art conferences, trend setting design and stand construction and high service standards form the basis of this enterprise. Being a part of the FLC Group, FLC Events, has achieved success rates working with a multitude of clients across the world. Offering solutions in every aspect, we pride ourselves as having a series of winning strategies up our sleeves for you and your company.


We provide unique and innovative services for events and exhibition needs to deliver an unforgettable brand experience. We offer a wide range of tailored solutions to engage your audiences and deliver brands message at every touchpoint.


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We are young, dynamic and vibrant - excited to be a part of life. We are a one-stop solution from concept to execution.

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